Thursday, June 11, 2015

Welcome to Pooja’s Nook!

Welcome to my 2nd blog post! 

I have been meaning to write a post or at least participate in Three Things Thursday weekly, however life seems to get in the way. I finally carved out some “me time” to write my blog post. 

This blog post is a continuation of getting to know me! 

1: Another huge component of my life is my students, aka “my 6 kids”. I am a Special Education teacher. I work with my amazing class of middle school students on the Autism Spectrum.  My goal for each of my students is for them to be independent. My classroom staff and I work hard every day towards teaching my students vocational skills (wiping tables, sweeping floors, etc.), now all we need is companies, large and small, to hire people with special needs when they turn 21. 

2: I have a connection to India that I have don’t have words to explain. India is the country of my birth and the land of my ancestors, yet the bond is deeper. A trip to India 10 years ago changed my life; I spent the summer engulfed in the culture, the language, the religion and family as I traveled across Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. India has given me so much. 

3: I love to travel. I caught the traveling bug during the summer of 2005; it was my first international trip as an adult. I visited my family in India, England and Scotland, meeting some for the first time every. The trip took me out of my shell. Traveling opened a world of endless discovery of different cultures, languages and customs. This year I visited the beautiful country of South Africa and I fell in love! As soon as I arrived back home in New York, I started to look for teaching jobs. The idea has since been placed onto the backburner and has been pinned onto my “Life To-Do list”.
A picture of my DSLR screen. A baby elephant about to cross; taken at Kruger National Park: South Africa

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