Thursday, October 15, 2015

Three Things Thursday 10.15.15

Three Things Thursday 10.15.15

This weekend, is my 31st birthday. I always thought I would be married and a mother (of 2?) by the time I turned 30. Last year my birthday was semi sweet, I was excited to reach a new milestone, however a little bummed that life didn't turn out as I thought. I decided I wasn't going to follow into the trap of being pressured to get married or feel guilty that I wasn't married with kids. I have accomplished a lot in the last year, I have taken trips around the world and I have learned to be content with everything I have. I look forward to turning 31 this weekend!

Today's Three Things Thursday are my favorite quotes that helped me in the last year!


Being a special education teacher, there is a lot of paperwork on top of all the lesson plans. Working with students on the Autism Spectrum, almost all of the materials used in class needed to be laminated and then velcro, I would nearly end up staying at work for an extra 3 hours every day (I have even gone stayed until 9:15pm!!!!) In June I was given an opportunity to change position to an special ed support teacher, I initially refused, but after mulling it over, I decided to accept the position. Since starting in September, I have only stayed after work once, I like being able to put myself first. I can attend my yoga classes, go out for happy hour or go home in during day light and be a coach potato to catch up on my shows. 


 I used to say "I want to travel the world", since my 30th birthday, I have taken two trips that have taken me around the world, first to South Africa and second to Australia/New Zealand. I have learned so much about myself in the midst of traveling, also seeing how others around the world survive with so little, makes you appreciate the luxuries with have in the US!


I would say to no to new activities, in the fear of failing or not wanting to explore something new. Since turning 30, I have been saying "yes" more! I have explored new activities and met new people that I would have missed out on if I had said no. 

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