Thursday, November 19, 2015

Three Things Thursday 11.19.15

Three Things Thursday 11.19.15

Thanksgiving in the United States is one week away, I can't believe the Hindu holiday season is officially over and the American holidays are nearly here! 

Growing up my family and I went to a family friend's home for Thanksgiving, we lovingly refer to them as Chacha and Chachi (in Punjabi it means Dad's younger brother and his wife), ironically they are both older then my parents. Growing up, we would show up around 4pm to their apartment and watch as Chacha ji would bring out the turkey. All the children would huddle around the dining table as he would cut the first slice on the holiday turkey. For my family, Thanksgiving has always been a Friendsgiving holiday. Everyone would come together in the late afternoon, as we would cut into the turkey and stuff our faces with stuffing, beans and mashed potatoes. An hour after our traditional American Thanksgiving meal, an Aunty would come into the t.v. room where the kids were sitting, to announce that "dinner laag gaya" (dinner is served). Everyone would slowly get up and go for round two of the evening's meal' traditional Indian food. As Chacha ji and Chachi ji have gotten older, they have stopped hosting at their home, put continued to make the turkey. Last year, Chacha ji and Chachi ji gave up all the cooking responsibilities to the next generation. As my brother slaved over the oven for hours to prep, baste and cook the turkey, you realized how much time, love and devotion Chacha ji and Chachi ji have put into the Thanksgiving meal over the years. Last year, my family hosted Thanksgiving dinner, and my cousins and I quickly ixnay the Indian round of food. This year, my cousin moved into his first house and has officially asked to take over Thanksgiving dinner from now on. 

I was asked to bring dessert, so here are the three choices I am considering. All of the choices are Indian, to bring back an old school Indian twist to Thanksgiving. 

1: Apple Kheer from Nisha's blog Spusht

Photo source:

2: Kaju Katli from Prerna Singh's blog Indian Simmer 


3: Gajar Ka Halwa from Nisha's blog Love Laugh Mirch


So what recipe do you think I should make and bring to Thanksgiving dinner this year?

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