Thursday, December 17, 2015

Three Things Thursday 12.17.15

Three Things Thursday 12.17.15

Three things on my mind this week...

1: I am 4 wakeups away from December break, not that I am counting. The sound during the 6th grade lunchroom this week has been unbelievable, I walk away with a migraine. The students are excited for the first break of the 2015-2016 school year and teachers are excited to be able to sleep in for a few extra hours every morning.

2: Quantico. The mid winter finale was this past Sunday, I already have an alarm on my phone set for March 6th 2016 for a new episode. Since when do shows have a mid season finale? This is news to me. I tuned into Quantico, like almost every other South Asian, to watch Priyanka Chopra on American television. I was hooked by the storyline of Quantico and watched it religiously! I am not going to mention any spoilers, if you get a chance watch the previous episodes on Hulu before the show starts up again in March. 


3: My friend and I are going to the Bryant Park Winter Village this weekend! The pop up shops have the best items and the food is always super delicious! I was a little fearful of being in Manhattan right before the holidays. I refuse to live my life in fear!

Photo of the 2014 Bryant Park Christmas Tree
How is your week going??

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