Friday, May 6, 2016

Three Things Thursday 5.5.16

Three Things Thursday 5.5.16 

The awesome ladies who started 3 Things Thursday, Salma, Raj and Nisha have decided to make this month the last link up. All my blog posts have been linkups with Three Things Thursday, I started a year this month. I feel so lucky to have started on this journey and meeting such wonderful people online! 

Today's Three Things Thursday is dedicated to things on my mind....

1: The application to work the summer school program has been posted and I am contemplating if I should work or not. Last year, I was so exhausted and overwhelmed I decided against working summer school, I took the opportunity to use my 30th birthday gift from my parents, a flight to Australia! It was my first summer off since 2005 and I loved it! I have 60% decided that I will not be working summer school this year, however that percentage changes on a day to day basis. If I take the summer off, I would like to travel, I have Singapore on my mind!

2: My younger cousin is getting married this weekend in Punjab, I wish I was there to celebrate with the couple. Unfortunately, nobody from my family here was able to go to India on such short notice. We have been listening to Punjabi wedding music all week to help celebrate in spirit. Growing up, I remember when my cousins got married in India, my parents would host a sangeet at our home the night of the wedding, this gave all of us the sense of being able to celebrate even though we were on the other side of the world. 

3: This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, if you follow me on Instagram, you will see I posted about Teacher Appreciation Day, when everyone including my principal and assistant principal both forgot. I did get BOGO at Chipotle. Since I have graduated with my Master's Degree in Special Education, it has been sitting on my dressing table in my bedroom. I finally decided that it is time to hang up both my diplomas from college and graduate school. Doctors and lawyers hang up their degrees in their offices, so why not teachers? With the help of the awesome custodian, I hung up my diplomas. 

As I mentioned earlier this will be the last Three Things Thursday posts, I am not sure what my plans for Pooja's Nook are, maybe I will look into another Link Up. 

And to all the readers that are Mothers or Like a Mother...wishing you all a 
Happy & Healthy Mother's Day!

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Three Things Thursday 4.7.16

Three Things Thursday 4.7.16

Today's Three Things Thursday is dedicated to India. India is not only the land where I was born, but also the land where I discovered my spirituality. Going back to India is a necessity for me, my goal is to try to visit every couple of years. This month marks my visit exactly two year ago, I am itching to go back, especially since my cousin in Punjab got roka'ed this morning! I am in the midst of applying for my visa back to the motherland. 

Also, a very happy and healthy Hindu New Year to everyone celebrating around the world today, may 2073 bring everyone serenity and calmness. 

Here are Three Paintings that depict my love for India!




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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Three Things Thursday 3.3.16

Three Things Thursday 3.3.16

Wow, where has time gone? That is exactly how I started last month's Three Things Thursday. Since Three Things Thursday has become monthly, I am realizing how fast time is flying by! 

Today's Three Things Thursday is going to be a run down of how my February went, there is so much to share, but these are the top three highlights of my month!

1: Due to a snowstorm the day of my flight to Charleston, Delta ended up delaying my flight until it finally ended up getting canceled. Since our bags were already packed my friends and I weren't sure if should head to Philly, Boston or Washington DC. After numerous text messages and suggestions, we ended up for a mini overnight getaway to The Norwich Inn and Spa in Connecticut. It ended up being a wonderful getaway with a relaxing massage and delicious food!

2: Life has been so busy lately, my friend and I have made plans and have had to cancel a few times, we finally made plans and "penned" them into our planners for afternoon tea at the beautiful, The Pierre Hotel in NYC. My friend and I both got dressed up, and enjoyed the wonderful petite sandwiches and bakery goods. My favorite was a cucumber and cream cheese sandwich. I decided to go with the Satishpur Assam tea and my friend decided to go with the refreshing peppermint tea. It was so nice to catch up and enjoy such a beautiful hotel. 

3: I purchased a one week Blue Apron meal delivery and I loved it! If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I don't cook, I even go as far as telling people that "cooking is against my religion", just kidding! I really was nervous when I got the Blue Apron box, I didn't open it until 24 hours later. I loved all of the recipes, they were time consuming (it took me double the time listed on the recipe cards) and left me with a sink full of pots and pans, but I would recommend it to everyone to try at least once! 

How was your February, what were some of your highlights?

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Three Things Thursday 2.4.16

Three Things Thursday 2.4.16 

Happy February, 2016 is flying by. Someone on Twitter posted "I feel infinitely more productive and motivated on February 1st than on January 1st." I definitely agree, January was a crazy month, I was under the weather for a partial part of the month and then I went to a stressful time frame with work. 

1: I joined Weight Watchers, again. I had joined a few years ago and I was quite successful with the program and making the lifestyle changes. I slowly drifted from the program and ended up stop tracking and following. I decided to go back, because it had worked for me and I can eat regular food. This time around, I am busier and I have to build time into my schedule for meal preps and shopping. 

2: NYC Schools are closed for the Chinese Lunar New Year on Monday, of course, teachers deserve a break. A few work friends and I ended up booking a weekend getaway to Charleston, South Carolina. We are going to be staying in the historic district of Downtown Charleston at the beautiful Francis Marion HotelWe are looking forward to a weekend of fun, good food and laughter!

3: Yesterday I had a training in downtown Brooklyn and I have heard a lot of about the delicious vegetarian lunch at the Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple. I met up with my old co-worker and we speed walked to the temple, because I had only an hour break for lunch. There were a few options to purchase food, we choose the complete meal options ($10 per person), a wonderful deal for the amount of food we got! We got a nice heaping of chickpea chana, veggie rice and a lentil 'meatloaf' dish. I will definitely return for lunch if I am in the area! 

Ever been to Charleston, leave a comment with a suggestion of a must-do while we are in town!

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Three Things Thursday 1.7.16

Three Things Thursday 1.7.16 

Wow, where has time gone? It is 2016! Happy and healthy new year to you and your loved ones!
I was off for about ten days for winter break, I just kicked back and relaxed. I had a lengthy to-do list to complete, but I really didn't get much done and I am fine with that. Trying to go 

Today's Three Things Thursday is dedicated to what is on my mind...

1: I have been thinking about my word for 2016, I couldn't come up with it, until I realized the word I want is focus. In a world with a millions things (or students) coming up to me, I tend to multi task and I end up with giving less then my 100%. This year, I vow to take time out and focus on myself. To focus on becoming a better listener. To focus on putting away my cell phone when I am with friends and family.

2: India. My goal is to go to India, every two years and I am due to a visit this year. My visa to India expired last year. I have been debating between the OCI card and the ten year visa. After numerous chats with family and friends, I have decided to apply for a ten year visa. Personally, the deciding factor was that the OCI card requires carrying an additional passbook when traveling to India. Two years ago, I was a tourist in India. 

3: I have always enjoyed reading, since I was a child. In recently years, leisure reading has been placed on the back burner, with going to graduate school and working as a teacher at the same time. I look forward to dedicating some time to myself and to unwinding after a long day with a book. I would like to start with a book a month. I am also interested in joining a book club, a nice opportunity to keep me consistent with my goal and to meet new people! A win-win situation! I found this wonderful list of books that I am going to try to read in 2016! 

Do you have a word for 2016? Do you have any books you can recommend? 
Leave a comment below!

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