Thursday, February 4, 2016

Three Things Thursday 2.4.16

Three Things Thursday 2.4.16 

Happy February, 2016 is flying by. Someone on Twitter posted "I feel infinitely more productive and motivated on February 1st than on January 1st." I definitely agree, January was a crazy month, I was under the weather for a partial part of the month and then I went to a stressful time frame with work. 

1: I joined Weight Watchers, again. I had joined a few years ago and I was quite successful with the program and making the lifestyle changes. I slowly drifted from the program and ended up stop tracking and following. I decided to go back, because it had worked for me and I can eat regular food. This time around, I am busier and I have to build time into my schedule for meal preps and shopping. 

2: NYC Schools are closed for the Chinese Lunar New Year on Monday, of course, teachers deserve a break. A few work friends and I ended up booking a weekend getaway to Charleston, South Carolina. We are going to be staying in the historic district of Downtown Charleston at the beautiful Francis Marion HotelWe are looking forward to a weekend of fun, good food and laughter!

3: Yesterday I had a training in downtown Brooklyn and I have heard a lot of about the delicious vegetarian lunch at the Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple. I met up with my old co-worker and we speed walked to the temple, because I had only an hour break for lunch. There were a few options to purchase food, we choose the complete meal options ($10 per person), a wonderful deal for the amount of food we got! We got a nice heaping of chickpea chana, veggie rice and a lentil 'meatloaf' dish. I will definitely return for lunch if I am in the area! 

Ever been to Charleston, leave a comment with a suggestion of a must-do while we are in town!

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