Thursday, March 3, 2016

Three Things Thursday 3.3.16

Three Things Thursday 3.3.16

Wow, where has time gone? That is exactly how I started last month's Three Things Thursday. Since Three Things Thursday has become monthly, I am realizing how fast time is flying by! 

Today's Three Things Thursday is going to be a run down of how my February went, there is so much to share, but these are the top three highlights of my month!

1: Due to a snowstorm the day of my flight to Charleston, Delta ended up delaying my flight until it finally ended up getting canceled. Since our bags were already packed my friends and I weren't sure if should head to Philly, Boston or Washington DC. After numerous text messages and suggestions, we ended up for a mini overnight getaway to The Norwich Inn and Spa in Connecticut. It ended up being a wonderful getaway with a relaxing massage and delicious food!

2: Life has been so busy lately, my friend and I have made plans and have had to cancel a few times, we finally made plans and "penned" them into our planners for afternoon tea at the beautiful, The Pierre Hotel in NYC. My friend and I both got dressed up, and enjoyed the wonderful petite sandwiches and bakery goods. My favorite was a cucumber and cream cheese sandwich. I decided to go with the Satishpur Assam tea and my friend decided to go with the refreshing peppermint tea. It was so nice to catch up and enjoy such a beautiful hotel. 

3: I purchased a one week Blue Apron meal delivery and I loved it! If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I don't cook, I even go as far as telling people that "cooking is against my religion", just kidding! I really was nervous when I got the Blue Apron box, I didn't open it until 24 hours later. I loved all of the recipes, they were time consuming (it took me double the time listed on the recipe cards) and left me with a sink full of pots and pans, but I would recommend it to everyone to try at least once! 

How was your February, what were some of your highlights?

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