Friday, May 6, 2016

Three Things Thursday 5.5.16

Three Things Thursday 5.5.16 

The awesome ladies who started 3 Things Thursday, Salma, Raj and Nisha have decided to make this month the last link up. All my blog posts have been linkups with Three Things Thursday, I started a year this month. I feel so lucky to have started on this journey and meeting such wonderful people online! 

Today's Three Things Thursday is dedicated to things on my mind....

1: The application to work the summer school program has been posted and I am contemplating if I should work or not. Last year, I was so exhausted and overwhelmed I decided against working summer school, I took the opportunity to use my 30th birthday gift from my parents, a flight to Australia! It was my first summer off since 2005 and I loved it! I have 60% decided that I will not be working summer school this year, however that percentage changes on a day to day basis. If I take the summer off, I would like to travel, I have Singapore on my mind!

2: My younger cousin is getting married this weekend in Punjab, I wish I was there to celebrate with the couple. Unfortunately, nobody from my family here was able to go to India on such short notice. We have been listening to Punjabi wedding music all week to help celebrate in spirit. Growing up, I remember when my cousins got married in India, my parents would host a sangeet at our home the night of the wedding, this gave all of us the sense of being able to celebrate even though we were on the other side of the world. 

3: This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, if you follow me on Instagram, you will see I posted about Teacher Appreciation Day, when everyone including my principal and assistant principal both forgot. I did get BOGO at Chipotle. Since I have graduated with my Master's Degree in Special Education, it has been sitting on my dressing table in my bedroom. I finally decided that it is time to hang up both my diplomas from college and graduate school. Doctors and lawyers hang up their degrees in their offices, so why not teachers? With the help of the awesome custodian, I hung up my diplomas. 

As I mentioned earlier this will be the last Three Things Thursday posts, I am not sure what my plans for Pooja's Nook are, maybe I will look into another Link Up. 

And to all the readers that are Mothers or Like a Mother...wishing you all a 
Happy & Healthy Mother's Day!

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